Voice can be integrated into Self-Service kiosks’ and terminals’ User Interface.

Self-service kiosks are growing in popularity as they offer numerous benefits to both businesses and their customers. There is no doubt that voice technology will become an integral part of digital signage in the near future.

Improving user experience and hygiene

Voice recognition greatly enhances the user experience and makes interaction with a kiosk a lot more efficient. Additionally, it can cover all the internal processes: product selection, payment, transactions, data collection, etc. People with disabilities such as blindness or any other physical impairment can also use kiosks with integrated voice recognition technology. Additionally, it’s more hygienic since the interaction is touchless, preventing the user from contracting harmful bacteria.

Tackling privacy concerns and background noise

However, there are certain aspects worth mentioning. The surrounding noise poses challenges for speech recognition accuracy, especially in crowded areas. Also, according to the survey conducted by Adobe, 81% of respondents had privacy worries about voice technology. Whereas restaurants may not be affected by this issue, for example, hospitals or casinos certainly are.

Creoir Offline Voice Solution

Creoir has a solution that can help improve these experiences. Even in noisy surroundings, the Speech Signal Enhancement algorithms enable high voice recognition accuracy. Furthermore, full user privacy is guaranteed as all the audio data is processed in the device. You can also create custom wake-words and voice experiences for your brand personalization. And finally, our Software Development Kit enables fast development and easy integration into your kiosk application.

Improve user experience through voice UI!