Why Creoir Voice Engineering Services?

Development and integration of robust Voice User Interface (VUI) on-the-edge requires the right technologies and professional expertise to ensure the highest voice recognition accuracy and reliable on-the-edge operation. With Creoir’s experience in audio product design and voice engineering, we can ensure the best solutions for your engineering challenges.

Audio & Voice

Creoir offers professional voice and audio engineering, design, and laboratory services for easy implementation of state-of-the-art embedded speech recognition and voice feedback in demanding and noisy environments.
  • Voice UI development and integration
  • Speech Signal Enhancement configuration and parametrization
  • Audio/acoustics design and validation
  • Microphone array design, placement, and recommendation
  • End-to-end voice and audio performance optimization for customer devices
  • Far-field voice processing and noise reduction integration using Cerence Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE)
  • Wide set of algorithms available for robust far-field voice performance
    • Beamformer
    • Wind buffet suppression
    • Acoustic Speaker Localization
    • Voice Activity Detection
    • Dereverberation
    • Spatial Post Filtering
    • Noise Suppression
    • Residual Acoustic Echo Suppression
    • Equalizer
    • Automatic Gain Control

Audio Lab

Creoir in-house far-field audio lab includes modular acoustic systems and a surround sound system. The Audio Lab enables professional development, validation, and testing of custom voice assistant solutions in a controlled environment.

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