Professional Voice UI Integration Tools

The Creoir EdgeVUI™ Software Development Kit simplifies the development of voice user interfaces (VUI) by providing advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tools utilizing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-speech (TTS), and Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE) technologies from Cerence.

High Accuracy

  • Proven Cerence speech technologies used in more than 500 million cars
  • Fully SW-based Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE) algorithms reducing environmental noise impact

On-The-Edge Privacy

  • No audio data sent to cloud or 3rd party
  • Reliable operation without internet connection

Easy Integration

  • Fast development cycles with wide range of Voice UI creation tools
  • Simple-to-use MQTT and Rest-like-API customer user interface for Linux, Android, Windows OS

EdgeVUI™ Software Development Kit


Domain-specific, speaker-independent  speech recognition and voice feedback

  • Built-in run-time libraries and API
  • Tools and documentation
  • Step-by-step instructions and sample applications
  • Method for domain-specific Natural Language Understanding
Built-in interface options for
Linux, Windows and Android

Programming language independent action code implementation

  • Python, C, C++, ReactJS, etc. for Linux and Windows
  • Kotlin and Java for Android

Simple-to-use customer interface with

  • MQTT (Linux & Windows)
  • Rest-like API (Android)

Hardware requirements

  • Embedded: ARM Cortex @1GHZ, 256MB RAM, 2GB file system
  • PC (Linux, Windows): X86-64, SSE2, AVX2
  • Mobile: Android 8 (API level 26)

Memory requirements

  • Flash: Data models ~7 MB/language
  • Executable code ~50 MB depending on features and complexity of Voice UI

RAM Usage

  • 150 – 250 MB depending on features
  • Required footprint at runtime depends on the requested set / specific project

Cerence Speech Technologies

Creoir is a technology partner of Cerence, the developer and manufacturer of speech technologies used in nearly 500 million cars worldwide.

Creoir EdgeVUI™ Software Development Kit utilizes the following Cerence core speech technologies:

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) language models to support 40 languages (on request). The advanced Cerence speech recognition engine delivers a new level of speaker-independent and continuous speech recognition capabilities with unique features for voice-enabled applications:

  • Large vocabulary support: Enable embedded recognition for large lists up to millions of items
  • Wake-up words: Always listening mode with key-word activation removes the need for a “press to talk” button
  • Barge-in: Allows user to speak over spoken dialog prompts and be recognized
  • Global language support: Global support for over 40 languages provides universal functionality

Natural Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Natural Text-to-Speech (TTS) for up to 65 languages and 147 voices (on request). The Cerence Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a suite of speech output solutions to generate high-quality speech, with seamless blending of dynamic text-to-speech, pre-recorded audio and tuned prompts. It is optimized to read long texts in a natural, human way. New, deep learning-based algorithms deliver higher smoothness and more natural prosody, resulting in a unique voice experience, e.g.

  • Emotional TTS: Developers can choose from four different speaking styles: neutral, lively, forceful, and apologetic.
  • Prosody control: Volume, pitch, speaking rate, and timbre can be changed at run time for more dynamic and lively affects.
  • Languages and Voices: A truly universal voice portfolio offers 65 languages and 147 voices for creation of global structures using a single engine.
  • Accuracy: High linguistic accuracy offers correct readout for all type of text, including a large set of personal names.

Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE)

SSE is a suite of sound processing technologies that create beamforming and remove noise from microphone inputs.

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