Creoir has been exhibiting a Voice Ordering application at the Self-Service Innovation Summit held in Miami, USA. The event examines advances in technology that are empowering businesses to provide products and services when, where, and how consumers expect them. The event covers self-service, kiosk, vending, and mobile solutions that can be applied in a wide range of settings.

Voice Order in Noisy Background

Creoir showcased the power of Voice UI with Voice Ordering demo in the self-service industry. Using our Offline Voice Solution SDK, the Creoir engineering team implemented a Voice UI demo for a digital kiosk of a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). The outcome was an easy and fast way to make an order with the help of a digital assistant, who is always in a happy mood! The demo worked like a charm in the noisy exhibition environment, thanks to the Speech Signal Enhancement algorithms optimized at Creoir’s in-house audio lab.