Integration of offline Voice User Interface (VUI) offers a multitude of benefits for professional products and applications utilizing human-machine interfaces. Adding Voice UI helps to improve workflow efficiency, enables hands-free control of devices, and supports fulfilling sterility requirements. By leveraging offline capabilities, VUIs can fulfill the needs of any digital user interface while addressing data privacy concerns.

Responsiveness and minimal latency of speech recognition

The most significant advantages of Offline VUIs are their responsiveness and minimal latency. With voice prompts processed directly on the edge of the device, users experience near-instantaneous responses, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, Offline VUIs eliminate the need for external internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in areas with limited or no internet access.

Voice data privacy

Privacy-conscious industries have often faced challenges when implementing VUIs due to data privacy issues associated with cloud-based services. However, Offline VUIs alleviate these concerns by not storing any conversation data and operating solely in response to specific prompts. This privacy-focused design provides users with peace of mind, knowing that their personal conversations remain secure.

Creoir Offline Voice Solution

The Creoir Offline Voice Solution (OVS) has been developed for easy implementation of state-of-the-art embedded speech recognition and voice feedback in demanding and noisy environments. The solution supports 40 languages and offers professional Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE) to enable the highest accuracy in far-field voice control. The user-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK) provides step-by-step instructions and optimal UI integration helping developers to harness the power of Offline Voice User Interface technology with ease in a short development time.

Offline Voice Solution utilizes the proven speech technologies from Cerence. Creoir has been a Cerence technology distributor since 2021 and helped many companies to have custom voice assistants in professional use.

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