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Creoir EdgeVUI™ is the fastest way to integrate voice user interface

Why Voice User

Voice is the most natural way of human-machine interaction. Advanced speech recognition and voice feedback enable easy and effortless far-field communications for efficient, hands-free human-machine communication.

Why EdgeVUI™?

Voice data privacy and speed of voice processing are of crucial importance in advanced application environments. Voice user interface implemented with EdgeVUI™ ensures reliability, security, and high performance without cloud connectivity.

Why Creoir?

Integration of voice and audio into products requires special expertise. Creoir EdgeVUI™ Software Development Kit and Creoir voice/audio engineering and integration services ensure the best far-field voice user experience in demanding noise environments.

Professional Voice UI Integration

Creoir EdgeVUI™  voice solution with Creoir voice/audio engineering ensures
the best far-field voice user experience for various usage scenarios. Embedded core technologies Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), and Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE) operate on-device without the need for cloud connectivity.

Automatic Speech

Available in 40 languages. Enables customized dictionary and voice interactions on devices.

Natural Text-to-Speech

Available in 65 languages, includes 140+ human-like voices. Enables voice feedback for assisted operations.

Speech Signal

Includes algorithms for accurate speech recognition even in challenging noise environments.

Industry Areas

Voice user interfaces bring benefits to many different products in various industries. With Creoir EdgeVUI™ voice solution the integration of Voice UI is straightforward and reduces development time and cost.

Critical Communications & Mobile Applications

Creoir EdgeVUI™ enhances critical communications solutions' usability in hectic situations by improving hands-free controls of devices and applications.

Special Vehicles & Machinery

Creoir EdgeVUI™ elevates special vehicle control in multitasking situations with low-latency voice commands and action controls.

Medical & Healthcare Technology

Creoir EdgeVUI™ gives an alternative way to control medical devices and robots. Hygienic and hands-free method of control enhances workflows and helps with labor resource optimization.

Self-Service Kiosks & Voice Ordering

Creoir EdgeVUI™ SDK enables a more hygienic way to navigate digital self-service terminals and kiosks.

Smart Devices & IoT

Creoir EdgeVUI™ enables a modern and efficient way to control and communicate with smart devices.

Industrial Automation 
& Robotics

Creoir EdgeVUI™ gives a responsive hands-free option for industrial PC, HMI, robotics, and applications controls.

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